Hotel Management

We serve more than hospitality, we serve life experience

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Experience Development

Exclusive, personalized, and luxury market have been our key focus from the very beginning to know what is preferred on their every stay. Customers these days are craving for experience during their stays. They desire a lasting memory from unique lifestyle destinations that emotionally connect with them. Our role is to create a memorable experience through the service fundamentals that adapts “us” to “you”. We account for the location itself for the inspiration of historical, cultural, and material context to envision experience creation. Our dedicated team is capable of implementing innovative trends in crafting business strategies to enhance life experiences.

Strategic Consulting

We aim to provide consulting services to owners/investors to assist in maximising profits through strategic revenue management techniques. This is reflected through the management of resources to increase productivity and create strategic pricing policies to drive revenue. All services are crafted out individually to foster sustainability under the existing brand. Where else, corporate rebranding through detailed transformation is also a common practice under our expertise.

Concept Development

Within such fierce competition in the current market place, right positioning and branding are two vital tools to sustainability, at the same time, avoid falling under price war. We attempt to understand the needs and demands of each individual to create a unique experience that is as of value. This enables the business to eventually secure the optimum market share. To obtain such success, we emphasize the importance of market research to attract suitable segmentation for each project. In return, this will give us an opportunity to create a sustainable model eliminating the cycle of competition within the destination.

Technical & Opening Services

We work closely with owners/investors on a ratio of 1:1 to promote a rapid response rate. The project development team will conduct a market analysis to examine the economic feasibility. Prior to opening, every necessary procedure is set well to ensure flawless operations ranging from selecting, recruiting, and training senior executive team members to adhere to the brand’s identity. On top of that, the execution of sales & marketing strategy, licenses, contracts, and implementing standard operating procedures (SOP) are all part of the services that entail bringing the final project on time.

Hotel Management Services

We provide a full scope of management solutions to deliver and exceed guests’ expectations by providing personalised services that foster the convenience of travel between home to “home”. The key to the efficient operation is through defining operation standards of excellence and continuous planning on training guidelines and career development programs.

Hotel management solutions include but not limited to the following: Hotel Day to Day Operation, Accounting & Budgeting Plan, Sales & Marketing Strategies, Revenue Management, Food & Beverage Solutions, Human Resources & Training Procedure, Customer Relations Management, Purchasing & Inventory Control Strategies, and Return Maximisation.

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